About Us

About Us

Sunday, 01 December 2019

Herbaleo is a herbal health care startup aiming to improve Indonesia's health standard through herbal health solutions.

Our vision :

To be the bridge that connects people to herbal lifestyle in order to improve Indonesia’s health standard.

Our mission :

  • To become the biggest herbal health center in Indonesia.
  • To become the role model for herbal drugstores in Indonesia.
  • To accelerate growth of herbal medicine industry in Indonesia.

Herbaleo :

  • Provides free online health consultation with a team of herbal experts.
  • Manufactures and offers easy-to-use innovative herbal health products.
  • Conducts R&D on the use of herbs for health purposes.
  • Collaborates with : 
    • No. 1 herbal supplier company in Indonesia
    • No. 1 TCM R&D and manufacturer company in Indonesia
    • Farmers in south Sumatera to cultivate medicinal herbs in 170 hectares plantation ground.

    Why herbal health care?

    The highest cause of death in Indonesia are chronic diseases.

    This statistic is a surprise knowing how conveniently available generic drugs are today; and it shows people's misconception on how health should be nurtured.
    Excessive and uninformed use of chemical drugs that leads to various side effects is one of the major misconception.

    Our approach is to educate people on the wiser ways to nurture health, prevention rather than curation.

    We are the bridge that connects people to safer and natural medicine solutions to prevent as well as cure illnesses.

    We believe Indonesia's health standard will be significantly elevated if people are more well-informed in the appropriate use of herbal medicines. :)

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